Seed Catalogs

This post, “Seed Catalogs” was written for my WordPress blog called Always Growing by Jan in Covington, Louisiana 

Everyone is receiving seed catalogs now, and I am no exception. For the last 10 or so years I have been starting seeds for spring planting.  I usually do about five different varieties of coleus for mass plantings in containers or the garden to fill in bare areas.  I have been buying the seeds from Parks.  I usually do the Giant Exhibition (limelight, palisandra, and copper queen) and Wizard Mix.  I think this year I might try cleome again.  I tried it a few years back but didn’t have enough sun to grow it.  Now that Hurricane Katrina took down some of the big pine trees we had, there is more sun to grow them.  I also am going to start some ornamental peppers.  After looking at the Stokes Seed catalog, I may order some of these from them as well as Parks.

I have collected some seeds myself and will try them.  I have some toad lily seeds, and I have had great success in the past in growing them.  I also saved some ornamental millet seeds, moonflower, red ruella, and gerber daisy seeds and will plant them also.

The one thing I am resolved to do this year is to start the seeds early.  Every year so far, I start them just a little too late.  This isn’t a real problem, but it does delay putting them in the garden, and then it takes them a while to get going.  In the past, I really did not have a place to put the seeds where they would get sufficient light, and I think that is why I delayed starting them.  Now, however, I have an area that gets enough sun and can be protected from the cold.

I make my own seed starting mix.  I use 10% vermiculite, 10% perlite, and 80% ground peat moss.  I have used this for several years and have had great success starting seeds with it.


Camellia in bloom.

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