Post Freeze Workout

This post, “Post Freeze Workout” was written for my WordPress blog called Always Growing by Jan in Covington, Louisiana 


Peach hibiscus that has been over-wintered for at least 8 years.

How many of us like to spend a beautiful day in the garden just cleaning up?  I know that I don’t.  Planting can be hard work, but I don’t mind that kind of hard work.  I had a real work out today – bending, stretching, lifting, etc.  No plants seem to be irretrievably lost, but some were nipped by the recent cold weather.  I had to trim off a lot of the plants in the entry garden.  Those were only covered with sheets, not my usual plastic.  The ageratum, that had spread so much since the fall, had to have just the tops trimmed.  Unfortunately, that meant leaning over, stretching out, and putting my body through a workout just to get to the plants to trim them back. 

I also had to move all the potted plants that had been placed next to the house.  They were not heavy, but there were many.  It did give me the opportunity to clean them up a bit.  I also had to fold up and put away the sheets of plastic that had covered them.  My sweet hubby helped with that since it can be unwieldy trying to fold up such big sheets.  It seems a shame to have to go through all this work for just three nights of freezing temperatures.  Today the high was 74 degrees –  a big change from the low of 23 degrees just three days ago.  There is no cold weather in the forecast for the next week or so.

Now is the time that Gulf Coast gardeners start working – before the hot days of summer.  There is a lot of weeding of beds and dividing of plants ahead for me.  I also want to move some plants that I feel are now in the wrong places, and then there is the  pruning that must be done before the first spurt of growth in the spring.  I also will be planning and planting some more “bones” in the garden.  Nothing like the starkness of winter to make you see where something is needed for structure.

It was a beautiful day today, and I did have some time to go out and snap a few pictures of things that are blooming.  The lobelia and the hibiscus had to be protected, but the rose made it through the cold.


When my friend Shelia moved, I got this rose (name unknown).

Lobelia    2008-106-lobellia-resized-v2-003.jpg


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