Garden Cats

This post, “Garden Cats” was written for my WordPress blog called Always Growing by Jan in Covington, Louisiana 

I love working in the garden and having a cat nearby.  Our current garden cat is Rusty who adopted us about 8 years ago. 


 He is so funny with the way he will slowly stroll over to wherever I am working.  After checking out whatever it is that I am doing, he will move a little ways away and lay down.  From this short distance, he keeps an eye on things.  If I move off to another area, it isn’t long before he gets up and ambles over to where I am.  He loves to sit in the sun and sleep.  Of course, I do not plant in what seems to be his favorite spots.  Since I mulch with pine straw, he always seems to find an out of the way place (usually under a large shrub) to settle down in the straw.  We seem to think that his sleeping in the pine straw is what keeps him from having any fleas. 


He is such a sweet, laid-back cat, who never causes any problems.  He doesn’t bother the birds, doesn’t scratch in the garden, and doesn’t walk on any plants.  He is the perfect garden companion.

We have two more garden cats, but they do not belong to us.  They are neighbor cats who just like to hang out around our house.  If I am working in the front garden, they usually show up to check things out.  They don’t bother anything either – just a visit to say hello and back home they go.


If you are going to have pets in the garden, you might want to check out the ASPCA list of toxic plants.  Also be careful in choosing products that you buy to treat your garden or lawn.  Make sure they are pet safe.  Personally, I only use very few chemicals and then only the least toxic.  If I don’t feel comfortable being in contact with them, I don’t want my pets in contact either.

Just like the birds, butterflies, and squirrels add to the atmosphere of the garden, so do pets like Rusty and “friends”.

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