A Different Kind of Surprise Lilies

This post, “A Different Kind of Surprise Lilies” was written for my WordPress blog called Always Growing by Jan in Covington, Louisiana 

Monday, I was sweeping the patio, and something caught my eye.  The plant was a bright spring green, undamaged by the recent cold snaps, and about nine inches high.  I walked over and saw it was some kind of lily, and there were three of them!  Now the Easter lilies, that I planted for the first time last year, are in the side garden, so I know I didn’t plant any of those by the patio. 

I was puzzled.   I kept touching the leaves.   I kept racking my brain.

Where did those lilies come from?  Was I losing my mind?  Were they planted by previous homeowners, and now, after 30 years just showing up?

Then it struck me.  Last year when I was making a spring wreath for the front door, I wanted a small watering can to put on it.  The only one I could find had some bulbs for a kid’s garden in it.  There were some liatris, gladiolus, and lilies.  The bulbs were kind of dried out and not so great looking, but I just stuck them around the garden and forgot about them.  They didn’t do anything that I can remember. I figured they rotted or died.

I always keep the tags that come with the plants/bulbs I buy, so I went looking for this one.  I found out that the lilies are supposed to be lily trumpet Triumphator.  


I do not remember the plants even coming up last year.  Not all lilies do well this far south with our high humidity, and wet summers,  so I have not had any experiences with them.  I didn’t know they could survive low temperatures without protection.  Last year’s Easter lilies were the first I’ve ever grown, so it will be interesting to see if these “surprises” bloom and to see what they look like.


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