Easter Lilies

This post, “Easter Lilies” was written for my WordPress blog called Always Growing by Jan in Covington, Louisiana 

As I have said before, in the last few years, I have wanted to have in my garden plants that my mother or grandmothers had in theirs.  Plants that I planted last year for the first time were Easter Lilies.  I remember as a small child that my mother had a bed of them.  I bought about 25 bulbs from Brent & Becky’s and planted them in early April.  They sprouted up immediately and bloomed in late May to early June.  They usually bloom a little earlier than that here, but I planted them a little late.  They did not last quite as long because of the heat, but I was satisfied with their performance. 

Since I never have grown lilies before, I did not know what to expect.  Last summer they grew like crazy.  The plants got big and lush.  In late October, they were still going strong – no going dormant or dying back.  One of my friends, whose relatives grew Easter Lilies in the 1950’s for commercial growers, told me I needed to cut them back so they would go dormant.  I did cut them back, but it seemed like in no time at all, they were growing back up. 

They are now about 10 to 12 inches high.  I am looking forward to what they are going to look like this spring.  In driving around the older neighborhoods, last year, I was pleasantly surprised to see these old-fashioned flowers growing in people’s gardens.  It sure did bring back pleasant childhood memories.

2008-129-easter-lilies-reduced-v-2-004.jpgEaster Lilies in January.


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