Maidenhair Ferns

This post, “Maidenhair Ferns” was written for my WordPress blog called Always Growing by Jan in Covington, Louisiana 

More and more, I see signs of springtime edging closer and closer.  Today, when I came home from work, I took a quick tour of the garden.  With all the rain lately, I needed to check things out.  There were a few new things popping out – a small yellow and orange daffodil here, an amaryllis bud there. 

As I came back in the front door, I noticed all the new fronds on the maidenhair ferns.  They are in pots at the edge of the front porch.  I only take them in if it is going to freeze for several hours.  Then I just bring them onto the porch and cover them with plastic.  They seem to do just fine without any protection even when the temperatures drop to the low 30’s.  Of course it does warm up in the daytime.  Remember I am in zone 8b.  Even though they are sending out new fronds, I will not fertilize them until mid to late March. 

Well, today, they are showing off new foliage, and it did tend to cheer me up after all the rain and clouds, that have been around lately.  So, here is one more signal that spring, at least in Louisiana, is not too far away.  

2008-201-maid-fern-reduced-v2-004.jpgSouthern maidenhair fern

2008-201-varg-maid-fern-reduced-v2-007.jpgVariegated maidenhair fern

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