Sunny Day = Work in Garden

This post, “Sunny Day=Work in Garden” was written for my WordPress blog called Always Growing by Jan in Covington, Louisiana 

Today was our fourth sunny day in a row.  We haven’t had that many in over a month.  It was wonderful to get out in the garden and enjoy the warmth.  I was able to cut back more of the lirope and clean up the edge of the garden bed.  So far I’ve done about 75 feet.  I don’t even want to think how much is left.

I also started trimming back some Red Tip Photinia that has gotten too tall.  This is the third time I have done this, and already I can see where shoots are starting to come out inside the shrubs now that light is reaching into the interior.  I will have to have a magnolia limb above them trimmed back because it is casting too much shade over the Photinias causing them to get leggy.

I also started clearing out the south side of the property line in the front yard.  It used to have a row of large gardenia bushes when we moved in, but they gradually died.  Some oak trees grew there, and then I planted ferns.  It looked woodsy and made a nice property division.  Now, however, I find the whole side is looking overgrown.  The neighbor on the other side, who was a gardener, is now elderly and unable to keep up her side.  So I have decided to tackle this area to try and make it more presentable and extend some color over to that side of the yard.

Now that the cold weather has nipped the leaves off the fern fronds, I think it will be easier to deal with them. Today I cut back some oak and cherry seedlings that had sprung up in the last few years.  There are still some wild privet in there that has to be removed as well as some honeysuckle vine.  There are three medium oaks there now and that is enough shade.  I rooted several hydrangeas last year, and I am planning to place some in this area when I get it cleared out.  Also, some of my azaleas have had stems that rooted in place.  Last year I potted some up and will place those there, too.  I want some evergreen shrubs there to add to the shrubs on my neighbor’s side to make a more effective screen.

As I worked in the garden today, I did notice more signs that Mother Nature thinks spring is just around the corner.

2008-202-azalea-bud-reduced-v2-026.jpgFirst azalea bud ready to pop open

2008-202-azalea-new-leaves-reduced-v2-034.jpgNew azalea leaves showing.

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