Cool Season Plans for Next Year

This post, “Cool Season Plans for Next Year” was written for my WordPress blog called Always Growing by Jan in Covington, Louisiana 

Since I am trying to design a garden with more perennials than annuals, I am always searching out for ones that will do well in this area and will give color or seasonal interest so that there is something interesting or blooming throughout the year.

As the gardening year goes by, we tend to wish that we had bought or put in certain plants earlier.  How many times have we seen something growing in another’s garden and wished we had thought to put that in, too.  Or, how many times do we see people buying seasonal plants that we know should have been planted months ago if they are to be enjoyed for any length of time.  We have to remember that it is not only in the fall that we have to think ahead for the spring.  Sometimes we have to plan in the spring for summer and fall.  That is why I am already starting to take notes about what I want to plant for late summer and fall blooms as well as spring bloomers.  My goal is to have year round interest.

I have paperwhite narcisus bulbs that can start to bloom as early as Christmas.  These blooms can last a long time in the garden.  I also have tete-a-tetes that have rebloomed reliably here.  I have planted summer snowflakes, but they have not done too well for me.  I think that they have not been getting enough sun, so I plan on moving them.  Next year I am planning on adding Chinese sacred lily.  That is supposed to do well in the lower South, even if you have clay soil.  Another bulb I am definitely going to plant next year is Spanish bluebells.  I have read how well they do, and I think that the blue color would complement the pansies I usually plant.

Another addition I want to make to the garden will be irises.  I have had success with some Louisiana Irises, and I want to add more.  They need to be planted in the fall, so I will be deciding which colors will be needed this spring when the others bloom.

One plant that I have been reading about and is supposed to do well for us in the cool season is the Cardoon.  The pictures of the silver green leaves that are lobed are very enticing.  This would really add seasonal interest when so many other plants are dormant.

I also would like to add more daylilies.  I am not sure which colors, so again, I will be paying attention to other gardens in bloom, magazine pictures, and garden book recommendations.

While I am a firm believer in enjoying the present, in the back of my mind, I will be making mental notes this spring and summer of what needs to be added.  That way I won’t be disappointed when next year rolls around.

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