A Gardening Weekend

This post, “A Gardening Weekend” was written for my WordPress blog called Always Growing by Jan in Covington, Louisiana 


This weekend turned out to have gorgeous weather.  It was sunny, cool, and breezy, just the right conditions to work in the garden.  Saturday started out with putting together an arbor to replace the one that was ruined completely by a recent storm.  It was one of the metal ones that have to be put together.  I started out doing it by myself but was soon was joined by dear hubby.  After it was finally together, we were both surprised by how tall it was, much taller than the one it is replacing. 

 2008-308-pink-cl-rose-reduced-v2-012.jpg   The rose is just starting to bloom – only a few flowers have opened.  We put the arbor in place, but then I had trouble putting the climbing rose bush on it.  The rose is too short.  Talk about frustration.  I got it up as best I could and will just cut it back after it blooms so then I can train it on this new arbor.  And if this arbor gets crushed by big tree limbs, then I’ve had it.  The rose will be moved, and maybe I’ll try pegging it.

Next, I raked the back yard and hubby bagged the pine cones and needles.  There wasn’t too much to rake up, just neaten up a bit.  While I was raking, I noticed how many weeds are in the lawn.  We have never had a problem, but this year it is pretty bad.  I think it is because we now have more sun so they can grow.  Also, since Katrina, everyone around here seems to have a lot of weeds, some of which were never there before the storm.  I guess that is one way how things are spread around.  Too bad good plants didn’t blow in and land in our gardens.

Today, I planted a Midnight Flare azalea.  This was to replace one that died last year because of the lack of rain.  I have six of them around a Bradford pear (which is just getting ready to bloom).  Midnight Flare has a black red flower that is so unlike other azaleas. 

 2008-308-midnight-flare-reduced-v2-019.jpg   It looks great with the white flowers of the pear above and the dark red of the azalea below.  I can’t wait until these plants get just a little bigger, then the scene should be very striking.

I moved the bush Weeping Mary (buddleia lindleyana)  from the front of the border to the back because it was getting too big.  I placed some belladonna lilies where it was.  I had dug those up last week when I planted the daylilies my sister sent me.

Next, I helped my dear hubby fix the wooden arbor in the front garden.  It was knocked over in a recent wind storm and split into the two halves.  He put them back together with screws, and I had to listen to the “things aren’t made to last anymore” speech.  We got it back together, and I’ll reattach the white Lady Banks rose to it tomorrow.

Finally, I planted some lily bulbs I bought today.  I incorporated compost into the soil and planted them in three different areas in the back garden.  I did have to dig up some Society Garlic in the process and move that to a different area (which entailed amending that area).  So right now, I am a little tired, sore, and very happy that I was able to spend some time in the garden this weekend.


  1. Jon Pen said,

    March 10, 2008 at 8:46 am

    I am sore and tired too after taking care of some yard and garden chores this weekend, but like the cliche, no pain, no gain. To me it is the best therapy in the world to play in the dirt! Enjoyed visiting your blog.
    Jon in Vicksburg, MS. on 3-10-08

    Thanks for stopping by, Jon. You are right about gardening being the best therapy in the world.

  2. linnie said,

    March 10, 2008 at 4:02 pm

    I was able to do some work in my garden in Destrehan yesterday. I was digging up liriope that has overgrown its space. Better now than in the heat of the summer. I am still sore today but grateful for a zone 9 garden where most of the year we can garden.

    Linnie in Destrehan, LA 3/10/08

    You are so right, Linnie, about working in the cool of March instead of the heatwaves of summer. After reading the blogs of our more northern gardeners, it is nice to be in an area where we can garden almost year round.

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