Another Early Evening Stroll

This post, “Another Early Evening Stroll” was written for my WordPress blog called Always Growing by Jan in Covington, Louisiana 


It rained early this morning about a half an inch, just enough to make it too wet to work in the garden.  So I decided to just walk around and check things out.  Even though it was a little wet, the sun came out about 4:30, and with a cool breeze, it made for a nice stroll.  There were several things to notice today, that weren’t there yesterday.  For example, the lawn is really starting to green up.  It won’t be long before it starts to really grow.

Next, the Mutabilis (Butterfly Rose) had two blooms. One pink and the other a pale peach.  This rose does change colors as it blooms.  This is a China rose and is very vigorous.  It does well in the South – the heat and humidity do not seem to bother it.  It just keeps on blooming.

2008-311-mutablis-reduced-v2-006.jpg   This rose can get to be 6 to 8 feet tall and 5 feet wide.  Since it blooms on new wood, I prune mine back early in the year to promote more flowers and to keep it in check.

Finally, I noticed the Bulbine had buds coming up.  This plant grew to about two feet wide last summer, but I lost almost half of it in the last cold snap.  So, I was surprised to see the buds popping up so soon.

2008-311-bulbine-bud-reduced-v2-007.jpg  It is hardy only to zone 9, and I am zone 8, so it is no surprise it was nipped.  This fast growing perennial will rebound, no doubt.

Well, I am hoping to do more than just walk around the garden tomorrow.  If we have good weather, I may be able to go outside and do some real work.


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