New Plants

This post, “New Plants” was written for my WordPress blog called Always Growing by Jan in Covington, Louisiana 


This is the variegated Japanese Iris that I bought when I went garden nursery hopping with my sister last week.  It is a little deeper purple in reality.  The digital cameras do not always show the true colors of flowers.  I am going to place it near my Louisiana Irises and am hopping the green and white leaves add a little oomph to that section.


This is the Pink Friesland Salvia that I bought on the same trip.  It is a very pretty purplish pink.  To the right of the salvia is a small curry plant.  I thought I would give it a try.  When the leaves are rubbed, it gives off a wonderful curry aroma.

I also was able to find another Blushing Pink Knockout Rose.  The nursery only had one, and I would like to have one more to make a grouping of three.  The pale pink of Blushing is just what is needed in the fuchsia/pink area to lighten things up.

Well, its back to work tomorrow.  I didn’t do much in the garden today – needed to rest up to be fresh for Monday morning.  Not everything on my list to do was accomplished this last week, but I did get a great many plants in the ground.  I guess this is what is meant by the saying “a garden is never finished.”

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