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One of the nice things about going to a botanical garden is that it gives you many ideas for your own garden.  While most of us can not afford to do things on the grand scale that these gardens do, it does inspire you to try new combinations or placement of plants on a smaller scale.  At least I am thankful I do not have such a large area to tend.  I have enough to do just keeping up with my suburban garden.  Though to be honest, if money was not an issue, I think I would love to have the space (and the gardeners) to have something just like a botanical garden.


As you can see from the above picture, Saturday’s garden show at the N. O. Botanical Gardens allowed everyone to see how lovely the gardens are at this time of year.  Even with the crowds, we were able to stroll around the grounds and see everything without people obstructing the view.  While I will not be placing such a large statue in my garden, I am thinking about a smaller statue or a large pot for the center of my circle bed.  Instead of water sprays, I may try sky pencil hollies.  I am still mulling over some changes to that bed, but I think I may do something to give a similar feeling as this picture shows.




Because I am in a suburban area, and Louisiana is flat and doesn’t really have rocks or boulders, I have always felt that if I put in any kind of water feature, I would want to have a reflecting pool.   Something akin to the above photo since I am not wild about the ponds most landscapers put in because those ponds would look great in a rocky or mountainous area but not in flat Louisiana.   I have found all kinds of great ideas at the garden show, but, unfortunately, did not find the financing for them.


I did get inspired by the show, and today I was able to put in a full day in the garden.  I continued cleaning out the overgrown property line area and was able to do about another twelve feet.  In that section I  planted a white lace cap hydragea that I had rooted and about six pieces of varigated shell ginger that a friend gave me. 


I also planted the daylilies I bought at yesterday’s garden show – Vanilla Fluff and Misty Mayhaw.  I planted the pink salvia and the red million bells I bought over the Easter holidays, the clematis crispa I bought about a month ago, and Tropical Sunrise canna that my sister just gave me.


Today I realized, that every now and then, it is nice to take a tour of a large public garden for ideas and inspiration.

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  1. Brenda Kula said,

    April 7, 2008 at 7:59 am

    Unfortunately I have not had luck with cannas, and I so love them. Neither has my neighbor, who’s gardened behind me living there 35 years. I don’t know if it’s something to do with our soil or what. Also, have you considered a pondless waterfall? I didn’t know anything about them until recently. You have a waterfall that goes down into a basin covered with rock, or something to that effect. I inherited a small pond with my garden home here, but if I didn’t have it, would consider this. I was told by someone who installs them that there is much less to take care of. Apparently just upkeep about once per year according to him.

    Well, if I had a waterfall and pond, I think I would want it to look natural, blend in to the landscape. I haven’t seen any that seems to fit into our environment. That does not mean that there isn’t any, I just haven’t seen one. A pondless waterfall would be a good idea if it could look like it fit into the surroundings.

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