A Few More Blooms

This post, “A Few More Blooms” was written for my WordPress blog called Always Growing by Jan in Covington, Louisiana 


When I finally got home today, I only had time for a quick walk through the garden to check on things.  One hydrangea was a little wilted, so it had to be watered.  The things I had planted and transplanted Tuesday had to be watered also. 


A few new flowers were out today.  Stella d’Oro, that reliable little repeat bloomer, had its first flower of the year. These were among the first daylilies I bought.  They are probably about seven years old now.  I think their buttery yellow is so cheerful, and they blend in well with the Gold Mound lantana I have in that bed.



Another daylily was out today.  It is supposed to be Romantic Rose, but the flower does not look like the label.  I still like it though.  It is getting a little annoying that nurseries and growers are not accurately labeling their stock.  This is happening too frequently lately.  It isn’t always feasible to buy everything in bloom so that you can be assured you are getting what you want.  Are any of you having the same problem with mislabeled plants?



 Even though this daylily was mislabled, it is still pretty and the color is perfect for the section of the garden where it is planted.  At least that worked out OK.  It would really irritate me if it clashed with the other daylilies, and I would have to dig it up and find a place for it.


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