Insectarium Visit

“Insectarium Visit”, a copyrighted post, was written for my WordPress blog called Always Growing by Jan in Covington, Louisiana 


Today we went to the new Audubon Institute’s Insectarium in New Orleans.  It opened about three weeks ago, and it is fantastic.  Kids would love this place, and gardeners would thank their lucky stars that most of these insects do not inhabit their gardens.  They had some fascinating and exquisite insects, especially the metallic beetles and the butterflies.



A fascinating one was this Walking Leaf Insect.  It looks like the light green leaves.  Even the edges of this bug looks like the brown edges of a leaf.  It is about 7 inches long and slowly moved among the leaves gently waving its arms about.  It is amazing how nature uses camouflage to protect creatures.



Dead Leaf Mantis is another insect that blends into natural surroundings.  In person, it resembled a curled and dried crape myrtle leaf.



Dragon Headed Katydid is something I would not want to run across in my garden.  While only about three inches long, it really did look ugly and creepy.



Some of the more beautiful exhibits were the metallic beetles.  Maybe because they were not alive added to the beauty.  The small gold ones at the bottom of the photo did not look real.  They seemed to be made of gold.  These shiny beetles were often made into jewelry.  In the past, some were tethered on fine chains and allowed to walk around on the lady’s clothes.  I don’t think I could let a live bug on my jacket lapel even if it was chained.  The exhibit said this was very popular in the Victorian Age.



This display of green beetles also seemed unreal.  The ones with the red tips were shown as earrings along with other unusual beetle and butterfly jewelery.


Tomorrow, I will post the photos of the butterfly section of the Insectarium.  There was a Japanese garden with free-flying butterflies.  But, I’ll leave you with this photo of a giant six foot bug that would send you screaming from your garden if it showed up there.  Relax, it is only a model.



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