Watering Can Needed

“Watering Can Needed”, a copyrighted post, was written for my WordPress blog called Always Growing by Jan in Covington, Louisiana 


Today, we got a break in the weather.  It rained in the early afternoon, and the sky remained cloudy.  This kept the temperatures down which will help the electric bill.  It really hasn’t rained this year like it usually does.  By now, we should be having frequent afternoon showers.  Well, I am grateful for even a little rain and overcast skies.


One thing that doesn’t change even if we get a little rain is the watering of container plants.  I mostly keep tender tropicals in containers now.   I have started a moratorium on new container plants.  It is getting to be too much to try and protect them all come winter.  I used to have eighteen large hanging baskets of ferns that were gorgeous.  I remember my dad (who was a big fern fanatic) asking what I was going to do with all of those baskets come winter time.  I blithely replied that I would bring them inside.  I did do this several years, and, then, it quickly got to be too much trouble.  So, now I have reduced the number of container plants and do not plan on adding any others.  Even in the summer, without the problem of winter temperatures, keeping a large number of container plants watered can be a challenge.


One of my favorite container combinations is the hosta and elephant ear.  They both go dormant about the same time and return in the spring at the same time.  This is the third summer this particular one has been in the garden.



This has Gold Standard hostas surrounding Metallica elephant ears.  The hostas are now in bloom.  I have a matching container of hostas and Black Magic elephant ears, but, in that one, the hostas are not as vigorous. 


These containers are too big for me to move by myself in the winter.  If a freeze is predicted, I cover the top of the container with newspaper and cover with a large plastic bag.  So far this has been enough protection.   But, remember, I garden in the coastal South, so I can get by with this short term protection.  I know if we would get one of our rare hard freezes of many hours or days, I would have to get help to move them to a sheltered location.


But, for right now, all I am concerned with is keeping these containers watered and enjoying the foliage.


  1. Randy said,

    July 15, 2008 at 9:11 am

    Jan, we finally gave up on containers last year with exception of the big concrete one in the back. We just put annuals in it everyspring, the same goes for the hanging baskets. It’s just much easier that way.

  2. Jan said,

    July 15, 2008 at 7:01 pm

    I agree, Randy, and am trying to wean myself from containers. But it is hard. When I lived in an apartment years ago, container gardening was all I could do, and, I guess, old habits die hard.

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