High Winds, Rain

This post, “High Winds, Rain” was written for my WordPress blog called Always Growing by Jan in Covington, Louisiana 

This afternoon, we had very high winds and rain come through.  My arbor was knocked over, and the top damaged slightly.  Hubby says it can be fixed.  Since my daughter gave me the arbor, I want to keep it as long as possible.  We also had several large tree limbs come down, but luckily they fell into the lawn and didn’t damage anything.  At least I do not think so – I couldn’t really get out in the yard to check everything – but standing on the porch, everything seems OK.  There was a small tornado that hit about 30 miles to the northwest of us with one fatality.  The severe weather didn’t last long thankfully.

But the severe weather did stop me from working in the garden.  At this time of year I seem to crave sun.  Well, tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and cool, so there is hope I can get out then.

Here is a picture of three Appleblossom amaryllis bulbs I planted in the late fall.  I have kept them outside on the porch so that the buds would only slowly develop.  I don’t plan for amaryllises to bloom at the holidays as many people do.  I feel they sometimes get lost in all the Christmas decorations, so I prefer to have them after the holidays when things are a bit dreary.  Keeping them away from the warmth of the house helps slow them down.  The buds are just starting to open.  In just a few days, they should be open, just in time for a bleak, rainy weekend that the forecasters tell us is on the way.  See, I told you they would be good for those dismal, gray winter days.