This post, “Chores” was written for my WordPress blog called Always Growing by Jan in Covington, Louisiana 

Yesterday was sunny and mild.  This allowed me to get out in the garden and do some clean up work.  Since all the rain we have been having lately made the ground soft, I was able to pull and dig up some more of the vicious green briers that have taken hold of the flower beds.  That stuff is amazing.  It is not affected by freezing temperatures, drought or deluge.

I also started cutting back the lirope that edges my beds.  This only has to be done about every five years or so.  We really do not get low enough temperatures that damage it and make it look scruffy.  So, it is trimmed back to keep it under control.  After trimming it back on one side of the yard, I then cleaned up the edges.  I leave about a five inch strip in front of the lirope as a mowing edge.

While I was doing all this, I also cleaned up into the bed about twelve inches.  I was able to pull out a few weeds and check up on things that were emerging or starting to take off.  The Woodland Phlox are starting to get started.  Several spring bulbs are also springing up.  In just a few short weeks, that bed should look nice. 

Now that the Crybaby Tree has lost all its leaves, a nest that a mockingbird made last year has been exposed.  I wonder if one will reuse it this year.

birds-nest-in-cry-baby-tree-p01-resized-to-12.jpgMockingbird nest in Crybaby tree from last year