“Timberrrrrr”, a copyrighted post, was written for my WordPress blog called Always Growing by Jan in Covington, Louisiana

Gloomy week here. Monday and Tuesday had foggy mornings; Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were drippy, windy, and cold. The storm that affected the rest of the nation came through here, but, lucky for us, did not bring the ice and snow that paralyzed other areas. However, as it came through Wednesday, there were high winds that brought down a huge pine tree limb. Dear hubby was home at the time and said that when it hit it sounded as if a cannon had been shot in our back yard.




This limb was 20 feet 5 inches long and 1 foot 5 inches in circumference. When it fell, it was deflected by a small magnolia fascata tree that sustained only minor damage. I was happy to see that the limb fell in the lawn and just barely missed the garden where hydrangeas are planted. I would have been very upset it any of those would have been hit since that would have meant no spring flowers.

Today, the sun finally came out, and the temperatures have warmed up nicely. It is still too wet to go outside and work in the garden, but a cursory walk around the garden showed that there are many plants that are coming back to life. This just reinforces my wanting spring to come quickly.