A Color Contrast

“A Color Contrast”, a copyrighted post, was written for my WordPress blog called Always Growing by Jan in Covington, Louisiana 


One design element I like in my garden is contrast, particularly contrasts of color.  For example, I like red, which is a hot color, next to purple, a cool color. 


Another color combination I like is chartreuse next to dark purple.  I use this pairing with coleus and with sweet potato vine.  Years ago when Margarita sweet potato vine was first introduced, I used it in a hanging basket.  Then when Blackie was introduce a year or so later, they both went into hanging baskets.  It wasn’t until Ace of Spades came along that I found the perfect pairing.


I planted both Margarita and Ace of Spades in the garden.  I chose Ace over Blackie because the leaves of Margarita and Ace are so similar.  The two together look so good twining through the beds. 




Both of these colors have the same intensity which also makes them a good pairing.  But, with such intensity, a little goes a long way.  I find just one or two of each plant is enough, otherwise, there is too much color, and it loses the impact of the contrasting.


Margarita is the more vigorous of the two and needs to be trimmed back more often to keep under control.  I have been lucky that both vines have overwintered with mulch as protection.  Most people grow these as annual, summer vines.   Inexpensive as they are, combined together, they certainly make a big statement.