Winter Blooms

This post, “Winter Blooms” was written for my WordPress blog called Always Growing by Jan in Covington, Louisiana 

It has been cold all day, but these pictures I shot certainly brighten things up.  Thanks to Carol of May Dreams Gardens for starting Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day.  So these are my first pictures for Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day.

2008-112-red-camillia-reduced-v2-022.jpgRed Camellia

2008-112-elva-amaryllis-reduced-v2003.jpgElva Amaryllis

copy-2-of-2008-112-red-gerbera-reduced-v2-019.jpg Gerber Daisy

The red Camellia is part of the “borrowed” landscape.  It is in my neighbor’s yard, but, because of its placement, I get to enjoy it more than she does.

The Elva amaryllis is the same as I posted earlier in the month, but now, with some cooler temperatures, it is pinker.  I like it this way better.

Last spring I planted red Gerber daisies in the entry garden, and they have not really stopped blooming.  In fact, I can see that they seem to be putting out a new spurt of blooms.  By the end of the week I should have flowers on just about every plant.  Also, I can see where a few have multiplied.  This has really been a success story.