Hurricane Update

Thanks to all who have left such kind messages about our “weather problem”.

We are getting ready now to leave to wait out the passing of Gustav at my daughter’s house.  She lives near us, but has less large pine trees.  We do not want to be here with possible hurricane force winds surrounded by 120 foot pine trees.  We are hoping that after just a few days, we can come back home and check on the house.

Falling trees are the only thing that I am worried about since we are too far from a shoreline and too high for flooding.  We lost five big trees in Katrina, but luckily nothing hit the house.

The forecast, at this time, looks a little more favorable for us where we are (30 miles north of New Orleans), so it may not be as bad as first predicted.  Yesterday was a beautiful day, you would not know a storm was any where near us.  The sun was out and a lovely breeze made securing everything in the yard a little easier.  I snapped this picture of a yellow hibiscus just before I moved it to a safer location.

I know no matter what happens that the least will be a tremendous amount of debris that will have to be picked up, raked up, and piled up to be hauled off.  My attitude is if anything in the garden is ruined or lost, that will only give me an opportunity to try some new plants.  If we lose electricity and/or the internet (which we probably will) it may be a while before I can post again.  Please keep the Gulf Coast in your thoughts and prayers.