This post, “Lettuce” was written for my WordPress blog called Always Growing by Jan in Covington, Louisiana 


I really do not grow vegetables because I do not have many areas of full sun.  I have grown tomatoes in containers on the patio, but the most successful vegetable gardening I have done is growing lettuce.  I sow the seeds in late winter and usually have lettuce until May.  Leaf lettuce does best this far south because we can have very warm springs which will cause the head type lettuce to bolt too soon.  I have been most successful with Black Seeded Simpson, though Green Ice has also done well.



I grow the lettuce in containers on the patio where there is the most sun.  I don’t have any space to put a vegetable garden, so this does fine since it is just hubby and me.  I usually plant two large rectangular planters and then sow seeds every two weeks to get a succession of greens.  I put in one row in the container up against one side, and then two weeks later, I sow another row on the other side.  Lettuce is so easy to grow – just sow the seeds, cover with a little soil, water, and wait for them to come up.  The Black Seeded Simpson matures fast, so in no time at all, you are making salads.


I like growing my own lettuce because I do not use pesticides, and it is fun to watch those first green shoot come up in January.  I wish I could grow it throughout the summer.  It is so nice to just walk out the back door and pick a salad.  It would be nice to have a real vegetable garden, but for now I’ll make do with my lettuce.

Checking Things Out

This post, “Checking Things Out” was written for my WordPress blog called Always Growing by Jan in Covington, Louisiana 

Today was a complete change from yesterday.  Blue skies, bright sun, and cool temperatures were a welcome relief from the high winds, rain and warm temperatures.

I was able to go outside and take a look around.  I found another arbor in the back yard that had been hit by a pine tree limb.  It did not damage the rose that was on it, and I was going to replace that arbor anyway, so I am not upset about it.

I was happy to see that the Black Seeded Simpson lettuce I planted Sunday is already up.


This lettuce does well for us down here.

My Louisiana irises are also doing well.  They are about two feet tall and should be blooming in a month or so.  These are Bayou Classic that my sister gave me.  They are very vigorous, bloom profusely, and multipy.  I can’t wait to take pictures of them in bloom now that I have a digital camera.


Our little lime tree is also budding out.  I was rather surprised to see these buds because it has been a little on the cool side still.  Last year our satsumas put out blooms very early, and a freeze nipped them off.  But soon there were new ones on the bushes, and we did end up with a crop after all.


Lastly, I checked out the bed with the daylilies.  They had aphids and had to be sprayed on Sunday, but they are aphid free today.  These are an evergreen type, but they do put out new growth in the late winter.  I got these from my mom years ago.  I do not know their names because my mom never asked her friend who gave them to her.  They are two colors here.  One is a bright yellow, and the other is a bronze-red color.  They have done well for me in a raised bed.


As I walked around my garden this afternoon, I realized that it will not be long before the garden will be lush and lovely again, and dreary winter will only be a memory.