Japanese Magnolia

This post, “Japanese Magnolis” was written for my WordPress blog called Always Growing by Jan in Covington, Louisiana 

One of nicest signs of late winter or early springtime is the emergence of the Japanese Magnolia’s flowers.  This small deciduous tree is also known as the Saucer Magnolia.  They are now blooming all over the neighborhood.  I do not have one in my garden, but one of my neighbors has two of them right next to our adjoining property line.  So, I get to enjoy the blooms every year.

These trees make a very dramatic display since the flowers appear before the leaves.  The ones next door are about eighteen feet tall and are prolific bloomers.  When the flowers open, they remind me of tea cups sitting up on the tree branches.  Another thing I like about this magnolia is the color of the flowers.  The pink blossoms are so striking against a bright blue sky as well as a gray one.


These are very old trees.  They were about the same size as they are now when we moved in 30 years ago.  The original owner did a fantastic job pruning these trees.  Their leafless branches make for an interesting winter scene.

The showy blooms are about five to six inches across with a very pale pink interior and a dark pink exterior.  Some of the flowers are on low branches so the individual bloom can be seen and enjoyed.


I think these flowers are so lovely.  I even enjoy them when they fall on the ground.  All the pink petals on the green lawn make a pleasing still life picture.