This post, “Pansies” was written for my WordPress blog called Always Growing by Jan in Covington, Louisiana 

My father always planted pansies every fall.  I remember he used to buy them bare rooted.  They were placed in brown paper and then rolled up like a paper towel roll.  They would be 25 plants to a roll.  When he no longer could buy them this way, he always said that the potted ones never were as robust.  I remember as a child being fascinated by the colorful plants with little “faces”.  We would pick them and float the blossoms in water or place them in vases all over the house.  

Since I moved into my house, I have always planted pansies.  Before I had garden beds, I would plant up pots of pansies and violas and place them by the front door.  Now I have beds to plant them, but I still do a pot or two so I can place them where they bring a little color.  In the garden I have planted one color – yellow.  The yellow is so cheery on winter days, and the color also transitions well into spring.  I place them in the circle garden on the southeast side of the house.  This bed also has other yellow flowers that blend in well with the pansies.  Some of the other plants in that bed are daffodils, early blooming daylilies, lantana, and a yellow Louisiana Iris.


In the spring of 2007, I started a garden in memory of my dad who had recently passed away.  That garden is all white.  I have Easter lilies, three Iceberg roses, Shasta daisies, white amaryillis, and paperwhite narcissis.  This fall I planted some white pansies and violas.  They have worked out well there because they are flowering when most of the other plants are not.  The white blooms next to the dark green of the other plants show off nicely.  When I walk around my garden after work, the white shows up even in the early twilight of winter.


This year I again planted my containers with pale blue, light violet, and medium blue pansies and violas.  They were potted up only about a week or two when they started to decline and eventually die.  This was disappointing because that color combination is so striking in the spring.  There is still time to replant the containers, but I am little hesitant to do so because I’m afraid they’ll succumb, too.  I guess I need to change the potting soil to make sure they survive even though the soil there now was new.

Because I am so fond of pansies and violas, I wish that they would last longer.  Here in Louisiana, by the end of May they are pulled up and other warm season annuals are planted, and it is good bye to pansies until the fall.