Good Bye, Rusty

“Good Bye, Rusty”, a copyrighted post, was written for my WordPress blog called Always Growing by Jan in Covington, Louisiana



Today, we lost our sweet little cat, Rusty. He was my garden cat and would always follow me around whenever I was outside and keep me company. He was perfectly behaved in the garden, never walking on plants, etc. We have several bird feeders and always had a great number of birds around, but Rusty was so laid back that the birds had nothing to fear from him.

His death was so sudden and coming only about six weeks after we had to put our little white cat down, it just really has us so sad. I certainly loved that little guy and will miss him so much.

Garden Friends

 “Garden Friends”, a copyrighted post, was written for my WordPress blog called Always Growing by Jan in Covington, Louisiana 


Every time I go out into the garden, I am being shadowed.  Nothing sinister here.  It is just Rusty, our garden cat, who is a great garden companion.  Whenever I am working in the garden, he is right there checking out and supervising what I am doing.  If I go out to just sit quietly or read, he is right there with me sitting quietly or taking a nap in the chair next to me.  We always have considered ourselves to be dog people, but after being adopted by two stray cats, we have learned to appreciate the feline nature.  They really aren’t that cold and aloof, but can be quite affectionate and loving.  Here is Rusty hunkered down waiting for me to be finished taking garden photos.




Another little garden friend belongs to the neighbors across the street.  She spends most of her days in our garden sleeping in the ferns or under the boxwood.   She, too, was a stray that they adopted after Hurricane Katrina.  She doesn’t follow us around the garden like Rusty does, but she will sit close by and watch our every move.  Blackie will attentively listen as I talk to her while I garden.  She always looks at me as if she understands every word.  Here she is intently watching a squirrel that is across the yard.




Just like the birds that contribute color, song, and movement, pets add another dimension to a garden.  If anyone would happen to just walk up while I am in the garden, they probably would think I am a little batty and talking to myself.  But, on closer inspection ,they would see one or both of these furry garden friends close by taking the time to pass the day with me in the sunshine and fresh air.