Hello Lilies

“Hello Lilies”, a copyrighted post, was written for my WordPress blog called Always Growing by Jan in Covington, Louisiana

Finally, we have had some rain though it was only .75 inches. However, the cloudy weather for the last three days have kept the temperatures down which I know has helped the plants in the garden. Day after day of dry weather and temperatures in the high 90’s is hard on even the most drought tolerant plants.

Catching up with what has been in the garden brings us to lilies which did very well this year. I have not had lilies in the garden very long, but I certainly do like them. Since these have done so well, I am considering adding more. The first ones I ever planted were Lilium longiforum or the traditional Easter lily. These do very well here in South Louisiana, in fact, they used to be grown here for the Easter lily trade prior to WWII.




The second lily in the garden is Triumphator. I started with this lily as a lucky accident and was so happy with the first blooms that I just had to get more.




Finally, the last lily to be planted in the garden and the last to bloom is a solid pink one. It was purchased as Lilium longiforum Pink Heaven, but I am not so sure that is what this lily is as it does not quite look like other photographs I have seen of this variety. However, if it is or isn’t Pink Heaven, it still is a very lovely flower.




I hesitated adding any lilies but the Easter lilies to my garden because I had heard that lilies do not do well this far south with our heat and humidity. Success with these makes me think there are others that may like this area. Lilies certainly add to the late spring/early summer garden, and I am glad I planted them.



  1. Phillip said,

    June 24, 2011 at 1:45 pm

    I love lilies but oddly, I don’t have an Easter Lily. I hope you get more rain.

  2. Lona said,

    June 24, 2011 at 3:33 pm

    Jan your lilies are gorgeous. They look like they are doing very well in the heat.I wish I could send you some of our rain. I would gladly paa it all around. LOL! Have a wonderful weekend.

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